How to participate


There are 2 methods you can do to particiapte.
Explore, and share


I'm sure exploring and sharing what you find is something we all can easily do, but there are a few notes to take down if you do explore the indie web.

By using a websites links page, or by looking at a webring, you will find something unique and fun


Now, if the prospect of being able to express yourself even further beyond sounds interesting to you, than learning HTML would be a great start, and creating a website would be beneficial
Some questions might arise however

all of which are fair questions, but I've got great news for you
1, learning HTML is far more accessible than ever before, thanks to online tutorials, and W3Schools
2, Neocities is hosting websites for free, so you don't need to worry about pricing
And 3, there are many benefits to holding a website! could be a little journal for yourself, but it could also be a place to express your love for a topic, or even a portfolio to show to others, and what you're like!

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