HELLO and welcome to a place of entertainment! Where you will see the creative endeavors of your host RainRunner2233!
Take a look around! Although there is not much here to look at, that will NOT be the case for long. As of recent, I've started a project on YouTube, and aim to finish making an episode each month!
However, I also have responsibilities outside of this monitor. Things like "work" and "education" and "relationships". As much as I'd like to work on my project forever none-stop, I cannot. That doesn't mean I don't try though.
Perhaps I can guide you to the "about me" section? You'll learn more about me there. Or don't! I'm not your dad :p... nerd


Here you'll see the past updates to this website, starting with

4/13/24. The page is created! and is rapidly changing!

5/1/24. The page has been transferred from W3Schools, to Neocities!
Made some website optimizations, and updated the projects page!


If I'm active and feel like it, I'll update you all on what I'm doing!

Working on the website!